Direct access to your fans

Get your message out to your fans instantly without relying on traditional media.

Target & Recruit

Give potential fans a way to find out more about your club and show them why they should come join your team.

Sell more tickets

Engaged fans buy more! Fans can purchase tickets with just a few taps of a finger using Buzzer

Keep Your Fans Constantly Alert with Push Notifications

These notifications can be configured and even automated to meet your team’s needs. Some of the more common game notifications include start of game reminders, scores, and end of quarter, period, or half-time results. Typical manual team notifications include player transactions and team news. Fans can also select the types of push notifications they want to receive.

Boost Ticket Sales and Streamline Marketing efforts

Our mobile app allows you to connect with your fans in ways that print media, TV, radio and websites never have before. Unlike previous advertising venues, mobile apps can reach your regular customers and potential customers anytime, anywhere. In a recent IDC Report, 79% of all smartphone users had their phone on them or near them for all but two hours of their waking day.Use strategic push notifications from within the app to make customers aware of upcoming games or promotions.


Having a customized app for your fans is a great way to engage them like never before. Take your brand to the next level with graphics that pop off the screen!

You are welcome to provide as many or as few images as you wish to brand the app to your liking. However, we know your time is limited, and creating graphics takes time. We offer graphic services to assist you in designing the perfect app that meets your needs and branding requirements.

Provide your fans instant mobile access to:

  • The latest team news and headlines
  • Up to date schedule information
  • Up to the minute scores and past scores
  • Mobile ticket purchases (if applicable)
  • Roster information
  • Your latest social media updates
  • Push and email notifications
  • Listen in to the game live and video>
  • Fan polls and Stadium checkin
  • Access to team store

Flexible. Dynamic. Friendly.

Use the Client Portal to manage graphics, insert content, review feature usage, push out ad hoc notifications, post ads, adjust colors, and much, much more.