Why Buzzer Apps

Before, if you wanted an app you would have to hire your own developers, or pay someone to create a custom app. And pay again year after year to incorporate new features.

Now, for a nominal fee, you can license our app with its advanced features normally limited to custom apps. Plus, no need for you to continuously pay to add the latest features — we do that for you! We work with your CMS so no onerous data management tasks are added to your workload.

Buzzer Apps provides turnkey mobile framework for leagues and sports teams. Our experienced team will work with you to develop an app for iOS, Blackberry 10 and Android devices to suit the mobile needs of your team.

Our mobile apps enable you to engage your clients, followers, and fans, keeping them up to date with the latest information, scores, schedules, and news. Build fan loyalty, drive ticket and merchandise sales, and increase sponsorship revenue with our app branded for your organization.

Buzzer Apps allows you to provide your clients with an app version of your web based content, avoiding the cost and maintenance hassle of building your own solution.

Generate Revenue

Buzzer Apps doesn’t just give you a mobile app solution - they provide your team with exciting new revenue opportunities. Our apps have the ability to generate multiple revenue streams that help to recoup initial developement costs of our mobile solutions, and give you an invaluable source of revenue for years to come.

Here is what your branded mobile sports app will do for your sponsors!

  • Reach customers directly on their smartphones
  • Ability to change custom graphics and ad content on the fly
  • Drive traffic directly to their website or social pages
  • Detailed statistics to benchmark overall ad or campaign effectiveness
  • Engage potential fans and show them why they should come support your team

How it Works

  • Each of the 5 main screens has an ad bar above the navigation tools.
  • When the app is opened, it pulls 5 ads from the server and places them in the ad bar.
  • These ads contain a URL link. When tapped, it takes the user directly to the website of your sponsor’s choosing. Once closed, the fan is returned to the app.
  • Ads are not assigned to specific screens and are distributed by the server to all apps equally, thereby maximizing exposure
  • Have a special request? Some frames have many advertising spots, which can be customized in terms of frequency, duration, and action.

Engage Your Fans

Mobile devices and social media have become an integral part of our daily lives. Tapping into these resources allows your team to maintain a constant connection with your fans. Smartphones and social media not only enrich the fan experience, but have become a vital part of the way your fans communicate and promote your team.

News and Stories

News is one of the main areas of fan engagement. In todays world, fans want to stay up to date on the latest rumors, trades and headlines! We make that possible with Buzzer Apps built-in news section.

Social Media Intergration “The Buzz”

Instantly check in and see what the social world is posting about your team or organization!

Team Standings & Player Stats

For the obsessed fan, check player statistics and team standings on the fly with Buzzer Apps. Your team can keep its fans connected with player reports, enhanced box scores with pre-game, live and post-game content along with head-to-head player matchups.